• "It's about him. It's about her. It's about time."
    Premiered at the Vail International Film Festival in March 2014 and has since made Official Selection at numerous festivals throughout the world, including the Academy-accredited Show Me Shorts Festival in New Zealand, The Cleveland International Film Festival, and the Seattle International Film Festival. As of May 2015, One-Minute Time Machine has won eight film awards, including Best Editing at the 34th Breckenridge Festival of Film, Audience Choice at the 11th DC Shorts Festival in Washington DC, Best Short Film and Best Editing at the inaugural Austin Other Worlds sci-fi film festival, Best Screenplay and Best Comedy awards at the Love Your Shorts Florida Film Festival, and Best Comedy at the Plymouth Film Festival and Best Short Film at the Norwich Film Festival in the United Kingdom.
  • "A twelve-year-old nervously prepares for his first kiss..."
    Premiered at the International Film Awards in Berlin in August 2013 where it was nominated for the Best Ultra Short Narrative. A month later, Practice Makes Perfect won Outstanding First-Time Director at the 10th DC Shorts Film Festival, which was followed by the prestigious CINE Golden Eagle Award. In 2014, the film earned Official Selection at multiple film festivals across the USA, including the Academy-accredited festivals in Seattle and Cleveland. Further afield, it has screened in countries as diverse as France, Japan, and Serbia. The film continues to win awards including Best Original Score for an International Short Film at the London Music and Sound Awards 2014, where this $800 film shared the winners list with numerous multi-million-dollar budgeted productions, including Lexus commercials, BBC dramas, and Downton Abbey.
    Along with six film awards, Practice Makes Perfect has had multiple USA distribution deals. It has played at every Starbucks in the USA in April 2014. Then, in January 2015 - almost unheard of for a short film - nationwide theatre distribution was granted! Practice Makes Perfect opened up for Oscar-nominated films in cinemas across the USA for the entire month leading up to the awards ceremony. A short while later, a distribution deal was agreed with Alaska Airlines for the film to play on all their flights for three months.
  • "The last preacher is a man of God and a weapon of vengeance..."
    The Last Preacher is a concept for a TV show that was born out of a meeting with actor and martial artist,
    Sam Medina (Savages, Bad Lieutenant: New Orleans, GI Joe 2)
    Shot with a small crew in the California desert, with cinematography by Dave Hirschman (Justified, About a Boy).
  • "Video game characters are coming to life and office deadlines are not being met..."
    Fragged is a British television pilot presentation written by David Solomons (Not another Love Story) and starring Rider Strong (Cabin Fever, Boy Meets World). Shot with a twenty-six person crew from shows including NBC's Chuck and HBO's Tru Blood. With original music composed by Clint Mansell (The Fountain, Black Swan) and Jeff Rona (Gods of War). These three scenes show how life has changed for Paul Logan after one of his video game characters came to life and is causing havoc in his workplace.
  • "On his death bed Marilyn Monroe's former driver remembers..."
    This music video for Coldplay's song titled "Lost" finished in the top five of an international competition run by Coldplay.
    The video is based on a series of conspiracies surrounding Marilyn Monroe's death and JFK's that followed a year later.
    What if Marilyn's driver blamed JFK for her death, what if he acted out on that hurt, how could he cope with a life that followed
    filled with guilt and doubt? On his death bed he remembers all that he, and the world, lost...