Who is Devon Avery?

Devon Avery is an award-winning director from London, England, currently living in Los Angeles.

Anything else?

Avery successfully pretended to be a geophysicist for more than ten years, before being exposed as a talented filmmaker in 2009.

Then what?

His cover blown, he fled to Los Angeles and studied under some of the most eminent directors of modern cinema including Martin Scorsese on the set of Shutter Island, Christopher Nolan on the set of Inception, Clint Eastwood on the set of J. Edgar, and David Fincher on the set of Social Network.

What did he learn about directing actors?

Avery has worked worked with many outstanding actors, including six months working with Forest Whittaker on the TV show Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior, which helped Avery develop a greater understanding of the acting process and a more efficient method of director-actor communication.

Avery found that the highest level of communication and trust between the director and actors is essential for delivering truth in performance.

Any other filmmaking philosophies?

Avery believes story is key. Years spent editing video footage, both for himself and for others, has made him acutely aware of the need for efficient storytelling, and he believes that every beautifully framed shot should propel the story forward.

Please tell us about the films he has directed.

Avery most recently produced, directed, and edited a sci-fi thriller feature film titled Synced, an intense sci-fi thriller driven by a powerful love story. Filming took place over two years in the U.S., Scotland, and Japan and showcases the talents of rising stars Daisy Moore (grandniece of Roger Moore) and Nicholas Banks (Kingsman: Secret Service) alongside established British actors Niall Fulton (Cloud Atlas), Geoff McGivern (Episodes), and Eileen Nicholas (Trainspotting).

The unique, global nature of the independent film garnered international press, including feature interviews on the Scottish Television Network and in Japan's Sankei Shimbun national newspaper.

Earlier in his career, Avery's directorial debut included made-for-TV pilot presentations and a couple of extremely popular, award-winning short films.

His first short film was titled Practice Makes Perfect and is about youthful innocence and young love, shot in a French romantic cinema style. It screened with huge success at film festivals all over the world, winning numerous awards—including the coveted 2013 CINE Golden Eagle Award—adding Avery to a prestigious winners list that includes Steven Spielberg, Mike Leigh, and Robert Zemeckis.

Practice Makes Perfect also garnered numerous distribution deals, including the rare-for-a-short-film distinction of receiving nationwide USA theatrical distribution and opening for Oscar-nominated films in 2014.

Avery's second short film, titled One-Minute Time Machine, is a dark comedy completed in 2014. The five-minute film went on to enjoy yet greater film festival success and was a viral hit on YouTube with 1 million views in its first 24 hours.

I've seen that short film!

A lot of people have. One-Minute Time Machine has been translated into numerous languages and remade by fans in countless countries around the globe, including Russia, South Korea, and India.

And what is Avery working on now?

Avery has several film projects in development, each high on emotional impact, strength of story, and intriguing characters.